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The N-SIDE Dashboard App transforms data into actionable insights by delivering clinical supply chain data in a way that can be easily explored and shared.

  • DEEP DIVE IN YOUR TRIAL DATA: See the big picture and easily deep dive into details.
  • IGNITE ACTIONS: Quickly identify where attention is needed to mitigate risk for patients.
  • EASILY SHARE INSIGHTS: Visualize and intuitively interact with your clinical data to create efficient reporting and share insights.

The Challenge

Unlock the value of
your clinical data

A lot of data is generated and managed to ensure that the right medication reaches the right patient on time during a clinical trial. The time investment to process and understand all of the data can be considerable and valuable information can remain unused because of the enormity of the amount of statistics generated.

Different systems and spreadsheets are often used by different stakeholders.   This complicates sharing, aggregating and capitalizing on the value  of the data. Further, creating useful metrics and keeping them up to date is challenging and time intensive.

More and more clinical supply data is generated, but it is a struggle to smartly aggregate this data for a portfolio level view and future decision making.

The Solution

Transform data into
actionable insights 

N-SIDE Dashboard App transforms data into actionable insights by delivering clinical supply chain data in a way that can be easily explored and shared.  N-SIDE Dashboard App integrates data from the Supply and Production App as well as current study data from your IRT system.

As all clinical supply chain information is centralized in an interactive plaform, it is easy to keep track of timelines, budget forecasts and risk management actions. Because the dashboards are based on a structured database, the results can be aggregated and then explored on different levels, such as at kit level, by group, by depot, by trial, by compound, by time period, etc.

With N-SIDE Dashboard App, you quickly have the big picture and you can easily deep dive into details.

N-SIDE Dashboard App is not only a convenient way of reporting data, but can also facilitate operational and strategic decisions.  Monitoring dashboards integrate current trial information to present a global overview of trials at the company level, and show which trial may be at risk due to outdated assumptions.  Monitoring dashboards quickly identify where attention is needed and which action may be considered to best mitigate the risk for patients.
With N-SIDE Dashboard App, it becomes easy to share insights and create efficient reporting.  A simple export of your charts or KPIs and it’s ready to include in your presentation.

Business intelligence

interact with your data to make informed decision, visualize your next actions and communicate across departments.

Budget planning

clinical supply chain budget forecasts can be explored by trial, by compound or at company level and broken down by cost category or a specific time period.

Risk Management

visualize current trial data and forecast assumptions to identify when and where actions are needed to mitigate risk. 

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N-SIDE production APP

Optimize your strategic decisions to achieve the most efficient risk-free end-to-end production planning for each compound.

N-SIDE supply APP

Optimize your strategic IP forecasting, future-proof your design & planning, efficiently manage your risk.

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