The Challenge

Predict the unpredictable in increasingly complex trials

Highly unpredictable demand translates into a lot of uncertainty and high costs to cover the worst case. Factors such as drop-out rate, enrollment speed and sites/countries involved can change rapidly. Shorter shelf live, expensive comparators and limited production capacity make it even more complicated to have a robust supply strategy.

Managing changes in this complex situation while controlling the risk of patient not receiving their medication on time can be a stressful challenge for clinical supply teams.

The Solution

Design, Plan and Monitor
Clinical Trial Supply

The N-SIDE Supply App ensures you have the best strategy to deliver medications to patient on time while reducing drug waste and minimizing costs. 

Get support for strategic to operational decisions using advanced simulation and optimization technologies. With N-SIDE Supply App design, plan, and monitor your clinical trial with ease – no more firefighting!


Increase early collaboration between clinical and supply teams. Quantify the impact  of trial design choices and engage in fact-based decision making.


Prepare for uncertainty. Safely supply your trial using risk-based optimization results (production planning, IRT set-up and depot management).


Align your supply strategy with the current trial reality with IRT data integration and updated study assumptions. Monitoring dashboards focus your attention where decisions need to be taken.

Have an optimized supply strategy that you can trust!

  • Accurately model your trial from simple to complex designs including titrations, weight-based dispensing, cohorts, cross-overs …
  • Ensure a standard quality approach with automated consistency checks and in-app review process
  • Reliably assess the risk in your trial, and automatically generate your optimal supply strategy (IRT settings, overage level, depot management,…)
  •  Keep traceability of decisions and track the impact of changes and decisions over the trial

N-SIDE has experience now optimizing clinical trial supply worldwide for more than 15 years!

Risk management

pinpoint where and when risk could occur to identify actions to ensure  patient will receive their medication on time.

Network design

assess the impact of adding or removing local depots and countries to your trial

Depot management

manage the risk coming from your local depots with robust simulation results providing your resupply strategy with the required quantities and shipment dates


Demand planning

forecast your trial needs taking into account the variability inherent to clinical studies

Budget planning

evaluate the impact of different supply scenarios on your trial budget regarding fixed and variable costs

Inventory management

know how much stock will be required at each site according to your supply chain strategy. Especially critical for cold chain products

The Results

Agile and optimized end-to-end supply chain

From specialized Biotech with a few trials per year to the largest pharmaceutical companies, N-SIDE Supply App optimizes your clinical trial strategies, strengthens your agility. 


Proactively mitigate 100% of the risk of your patients missing a dose


Set up your IRT to best fit your trial specificities


Anticipate trial changes & adapt your supply strategy quickly


Improve collaboration between supply managers, clinical managers and project leaders


Reduce product waste by up to 40%


Decrease supply costs on average up to 30%

Benefit from end-to-end integration, discover the N-SIDE Suite for clinical trials and its other applications!

N-SIDE production APP

Optimize your strategic decisions to achieve the most efficient risk-free end-to-end production planning for each compound.

N-SIDE dashboard APP

Visualize and intuitively interact with your clinical data for efficient study monitoring & reporting.

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