Network Optimization & Design

The Challenge

Design your global reactive supply chain

In today’s ever-changing environment, supply chains are under continuous pressure. Incremental local improvements are no longer sufficient to stay in the leading pack. The supply chain needs to be integrated globally. In addition, to reach supply chain operational excellence, your flows and supply chain need to be reactive. However, such strategic changes and reactivity are rarely obvious decisions and alternative supply chain designs are often numerous.

The Solution

Support and validate your strategic supply chain decisions

N-SIDE NODE solution supports you to take strategic decisions that maximize your profit and minimize your risk offline. It features a tailor-made integrated model that accurately reproduces your entire supply chain, from production unit to customer. It takes into account your particular constraints (physical flows, by-products, equipment specifics, …etc.), in an an existing but modular framework. N-SIDE consultants can accompany you in the usage of the tool, from data gathering to result interpretation and scenario definition.

Identify actual marginal production cost

NODE blends detailed production and flow models with a comprehensive modeling of all revenues and costs generated all along the supply-chain. It specially focuses on identifying and modeling the actual marginal production cost function of your process (whatever its shape, linear or not) since marginal reasoning is a fundamental basis of production decisions.

Validate your strategy in strict confidentiality

NODE is a flexible and powerful management tool that lets you test multiple scenarios in an offline mode. It enables you to run out-of-the-box scenarios to test various innovative strategies. Running a scenario has two main advantages. First it provides a quantitative, objective and robust evaluation of the profit and losses of the solution. This evaluation can be drilled down to fine granularity. Secondly, NODE provides recommendations on the strategy, pushing the savings even further. Thanks to NODE, you can thus take informed strategic decisions supported by quantified results.

From strategy down to operations,
make your production optimal and profitable

Network design

optimize the network of factories, warehouses and their connections.

Production dispatch:

localize production optimally. Select the factories and volumes that should be produced to serve demand.


Flow optimization:

select the best means to transfer the products from factory to customer

Profitability management:

compute the true global marginal profitability of each individual demand.

Investment management:

identify the most profitable investment location and quantify benefits.

Risk management

identify alternative production and supply routes in case of asset unavailability.

The Results

The right strategy for an agile end-to-end supply chain

N-SIDE solution NODE sets up the optimal plan to serve your customers: from production and packaging throughout your network to the final customers.


Easily generate offline what-if scenarios to optimize and evaluate your strategies.


Identify the bottlenecks of your supply chain and quantify the potential benefits of removing them.


Assess global marginal profitability of each demand to take informed decisions.


Plan clearly the actions to be taken in case of asset unavailability.


Control the liberties accorded to the model


Gross margin improvement

seconds computation time

Solvay innovation award

— They trust us —



N-SIDE developed very quickly a reliable and to the point model. This combination of a customized and modular approach is really great. It allows you to have in a very short time a simulation tool that fits perfectly your business needs and that allows you to support your strategic decisions. I want to highlight the speed of implementation and the quality of the consultancy job.

Alain Dommisse – VP Head of Supply Chain Essential Chemicals, SOLVAY

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