The N-SIDE Energy Analytics solutions are designed based on a powerful development platform, using the latest advanced analytics technologies and customized together with leading energy players.

Our highly skilled team of Business consultants and software engineers work hand in hand to develop innovative, performant and transparent solutions.

All of our analytics solutions are built to simplify your decision-making and outperform your objectives.

—  N-SIDE empowers energy players with innovative advanced analytics solutions  —


System operators

Market operators

Market actors

Discover the N-SIDE Energy solutions:


Energy market optimization

Powerful algorithm matching supply and demand while optimizing social welfare in an efficient and scalable way.

Dynamic reserves dimensioning

Advanced analytics solution to predict the imbalance risk and the associated required FRR volume at the desired reliability target.

Electricity Price Forecasting

Machine learning algorithms to take optimal decisions from week-ahead to real-time, in different electricity markets.

outage planning op

Outage Planning Optimization

Decision-support software to optimize the planning of grid interventions and associated planned outages.

Let's talk about your challenge !

Our solutions are based on a three-steps approach  —


Identify potential

…through on-site audit, joint workshops, data collection and value assessment

Implement solution

…using customized modular approach designed for quick return on investment

Increase value

…through strategic consulting, roadmaps, investment assessment, identifying further improvement potential

Each company is different so we propose a flexible business model:

Yearly license

License per project

Consulting services

Maintenance & support

Training & coaching

Talk to an energy business expert and power your business with advanced analytics.