N-SIDE is proud to sponsor Marie-Amélie Lenaerts, first belgian woman to cross the Atlantic ocean sailing solo in the Mini-Transat la boulangère race.

N-SIDE sponsors Marie-Amelie Lenearts in la Mini Transat La BoulangereBeginning of 2018, Marie-Amélie decided to take this audacious challenge.   This legendary race: The Mini Transat  starts in La Rochelle and ends in Le Marin bay, Martinique in the Caribbean.  The race covers over 4,000 miles with a stop in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. 90 boats are joining the 2019 race. 

This race has been created to renew with the adventurous spirit of the first transatlantic races.  The yachts, 6,50 m long, are very small considering the scope of the race and the racers have no assistance neither communication with earth.  The racers only have the minimum technology available to cross the Atlantic: only GPS (position) and VHF (short range radio) are authorized.

What has been the most difficult in her adventure until now, she says, was to take the decision to raise the anchor and take a step towards the unknown! 

At N-SIDE, we value people who dare to live their passion and go beyond their comfort zone to reach their ambitions. 

This is a reason why we are proud to support Marie-Amélie’s adventure and also because it aligns with our belief that being audacious is at the heart of innovation.  

More over her sailing adventure reflects some of our key values such as excellence, partnership, creativity, innovation, and of course … fun! 

Marie-Amélie Lenaerts has succeeded on her audacious challenge braving the elements and the technical issues.  She dared to raise the anchor to pursue her dream! Congratulations to her courage and tenacity!  She has reached the Martinique in 17 days 18h and 30 min!  


You want to know more on Marie-Amélie? Discover her website: les marins d’audace.

All pictures are taken by the photographer Anne Beaugé.