Providing sustainable mobility solutions is one of N-SIDE’s key concerns as a CO2 neutral certified company. In cooperation with a young start-up, employees now have the opportunity to use electric scooters for short-distance trips.


Reducing CO2 emissions 

N-SIDE CO2 neutral certified organizationN-SIDE works hand in hand with CO2logic, an environmental consulting company. Its objective is to provide advice on how to reduce and compensate our global carbon footprint. During our collaboration, we figured out that our main source of CO2 emissions is coming from our mobility.   In our commitment to reduce our CO2 emissions, sustainable mobility alternatives quickly became a priority to tackle the usage of cars. Our objective was to encourage employees in using other means of transport for their mobility needs.


Lunch breaks with e-scooters

Sustainable mobility at N-SIDE: employees using E-scooters to ride to close areas around the officeE-scooters became an ideal alternative for sustainable mobility. Together with AXIO, an innovative young start-up providing e-scooters within Louvain-la-Neuve area, N-SIDE now offers a sustainable mobility solution for its employees. They have the opportunity to easily book and use N-SIDE branded e-scooters through a dedicated app. Equipped with a safety helmet, they can conveniently ride to places close to N-SIDE’s headquarters located in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

E-scooters’ main goal is to limit the use of cars during lunch breaks. “Before, we used to take our car to reach our preferred lunch place, often located in Louvain-la-Neuve’s city center. Thanks to the e-scooters, we now have a much more efficient and sustainable way to grab some food outside our office. It is a real improvement in terms of mobility and a positive gesture for our planet” explains Thomas Peignois, leader in the implementation of the e-scooters at N-SIDE.


Encouraging entrepreneurship

AXIO was founded in 2018 by Justin Courtois, a young graduate from UCL. Its objective is to improve mobility within Louvain-la-Neuve area. N-SIDE is the very first company to implement the AXIO’s B2B services. They offer a personalized and connected e-scooters fleet to companies willing to offer sustainable mobility solutions to their employees.

“We value both innovation and initiatives to improve mobility while reducing our carbon footprint. We are therefore delighted to start a fruitful collaboration with AXIO, a promising start-up sharing the same vision” comments Jacques Parlongue, N-SIDE CEO.


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