Learn about the latest SmartNet project results and Join N-SIDE at the SmartNet Public Workshop on June 20th

The SmartNet project has entered now its last year of activities and is organising a public workshop on June 20th in Brussels.   During that day, Guillaume Leclercq, Senior Consultant, will give a presentation about “real time market architecture issues“. In this talk, he will discuss the market design dimensions, and show how we apply them for […]

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How to leverage the flexibility of distributed energy resources for the provision of ancillary services ?

As a partner of the European SmartNet project, N-SIDE contributes to develop optimal market structures and optimal interactions between DSO’s / TSO’s in order to leverage flexibilities from distributed energy resources (DER) for ancillary services. Guillaume Leclercq, N-SIDE consultant, is proud to announce the freshly released Deliverable D1.2 of SmartNet Project. In this deliverable, N-SIDE […]

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