How to develop open micro-grids in industrial zonings ?

N-SIDE, as partner of E-Cloud project (funded by the walloon region), contributes to develop open micro-grids based on optimized energy flows, storage strategies and billing models. With 8 other partners (ORES, RESA, EOLY, Nethys, Umons, Ulg, IDETA, SPP), N-SIDE is developing several solutions to help companies to improve their competitiveness. In a context of industrial […]

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E-Cloud: New Research Project for an Open Microgrid Solution

Funded by the Walloon region under the Marshall Plan, E-Cloud project has an objective to develop and optimize open micro-grids in industrial zonings. This will allow different companies located in the same zone to invest together into Renewable Energy production and on storage capacities, and share the produced electricity in an optimal way while optimising the interactions with the grid […]

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