Join our presentation on drug manufacturing optimization in the pharmaceutical industry at the Orbel Conference

N-SIDE is proud to sponsor, as every year, the annual conference of the Belgian Operational Research Society (ORBEL) that will take place in the city of Liège at HEC Liège-Management School of ULiège, and will be organised by the HEC Liège Centre for Quantitative Methods and Operations Management (QuantOM). This year, our Head of Solutions Implementation, Charlotte Tannier, […]

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Today at the Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2019 !

Join us at the Clinical Trial Supply Forum, in Brussels. On May 20th, Sébastien Coppe, Head of Consulting Group at N-SIDE, will be co-presenting with Didier Basseras, Vice President Clinical Supplies at Sanofi-Aventis : “Evolving from Push to Pull Clinical Supply Chain Management with Early Phase Optimization” The participants will learn how to : Optimize […]

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PRESupply project: Prescriptive Supply Chain Soon Available to SME’s!

The PRESupply project aims to make accessible state-of-the-art optimization solutions in Supply Chain Management to SME’s.  It will help them generating a maximum of value from optimized decisions towards their different supply chain challenges. PRESupply project will focus on production, inventory, logistic and demand management issues. The PRESupply project will develop a flexible and modular platform, using integrated, predictive […]

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