Get more info about TSO-DSO Coordination research results from SmartNet project.

From Wednesday till Friday, 24-26 October, the SmartNet project  is organizing a 3-days workshop in Florence.  The purpose of those days is to communicate the final SmartNet project results and research about TSO-DSO coordination. Each day, different perspectives and interests of the stakeholders will be taken into account by the project team. Day 1 will be dedicated to TSOs, DSOs […]

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Back from the Energy Flexibility Forum: Advanced analytics are at the heart of the Energy transition!

Our N-SIDE Energy team was pleased to be part of the Energy Flexibility Forum, organized by Solar Plaza and came back with great discussions and insights. Olivier Devolder, head of N-SIDE Energy group and panel moderator at the event is sharing his main take-away: “During the conference, the use of algorithms, artificial intelligence and advanced […]

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Learn more about the real time market architecture issues and read the SmartNet presentation of Guillaume Leclercq.

Back from the SmartNet Public workshop organised on June 20, Guillaume Leclercq, Project Manager of the H2020 SmartNet project at N-SIDE, is sharing with us the slides of his presentation about “real time market architecture issues”  and his main conclusions. In the framework of an activation market of flexibility services (balancing, congestion management)  for both […]

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