N-SIDE participates to the Energy workshop organized by the University of Louvain at the CORE (Center for operations research and econometrics – UCLouvain).

Philippe Chevalier (President of the CORE, UCLouvain & President of N-SIDE) and Olivier Devolder (Head of Energy group at N-SIDE) will co-animate during the day a session about ” Advanced analytics : A key enabler for the Energy transition!”.  By using examples from N-SIDE projects, they will illustrate how different advanced analytics techniques can be leveraged and combined to help consumers, producers and grid operators to be ahead of the game in this new energy world. From Dynamic Dimensioning of Balancing Reserves, to European Integration of Electricity Markets, to Flexible Consumption of Industrial sites, the presentation will aim to show the key role that Machine Learning, Statistics and Optimization technologies play in helping shape the future of our energy system.

N-SIDE and UClouvain : A strong partnership.

At N-SIDE, we care about maintaining a strong partnership with the academic world and actively collaborate with different research centers by nature.
 The company was indeed launched in 2000 as a spin-off of Université catholique de Louvain (UCL, Belgium) by Philippe Chevalier, president of the CORE and President of N-SIDE.


“N-SIDE was created to establish a link to enable the transfer of advanced analytics technology from the academic world to the “real” world. Closing the gap between theory and practice is important for both sides. We are now entering a new phase where N-SIDE has helped organizations to reach the limits of the state of the art in analytics and is creating new research opportunities for the academic community.”

Interesting to understand how advanced analytics techniques can support the Energy Transition ?

Meet Philippe Chevalier and Olivier Devolder at the CORE, UClouvain on Monday the 16th of April.

Discover here the program of the day and register now on the CORE website.






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