In the frame of the Energy Flexibility Forum, on June 11-12 in Copenhagen, N-SIDE is pleased to be invited as speaker to a webinar on Energy Flexibility, which will take place on May 15 at 16:00 CEST.

Héloïse Hoyos, Energy Senior Consultant, will co-animate this webinar with Cara Goldenberg, from Rocky Mountain Institute. While Mrs. Goldenberg will give insights into demand flexibility and the key to enabling a low-cost, low-carbon grid, Héloïse will provide some practical examples on how to reduce your electricity bill with flexible production planning. 


Demand Flexibility: The Key to Enabling a Low-Cost, Low-Carbon Grid

  • The mismatch of weather-driven resources and electricity demand
  • Lower revenues and higher risks of curtailment for renewable energy projects
  • Shifting electricity consumption to different times of the day can offer a lower-cost, lower-pollution alternative for balancing renewable energy on the grid.

Reduce your Electricity Bill with Flexible Production Planning

  • Increasing incentives to leverage flexibility
  • Respecting all commercial, technical and economical constraints
  • Valorize energy flexibility on different markets





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