Webinar - Expecting the Unexpected


N-SIDE is pleased to invite you to our webinar on March 26th about :

“Expecting the Unexpected : Using risk-based optimization for clinical trial supply forecasting”




This webinar will provide steps you can take with risk-based optimization to future-proof your clinical supply planning.

There are many challenges in clinical supply planning, from set-up to trial launch. During trial set-up, the supply strategy needs to align with trial design and internal constraints. Before the trial commences, we must figure out what overage to use, where to ship to and when and how to set up interactive response technologies (IRT). While the trial is ongoing, we must adapt clinical supply planning to real-time events such as impossible protocol amendments, country list changes, recruitment forecast updates, batch losses, delays, drug unavailability and more. Without properly managing these steps, there can be high levels of drug waste or high risk to patients.

However, given the number of stakeholders involved, it is not always easy to have everyone agree on the best course of action in the face of unexpected events impacting clinical supply.

By using risk-based optimization, you can prepare for unpredictable changes and quickly adapt your clinical supply planning accordingly. Learn how trial history and real-time data help you test decisions that impact clinical supply planning and facilitate fact-based decision-making and efficient interdepartmental communication.


Sébastien Coppe and Amaury Jeandrain will lead this webinar and you will learn :

  • How to anticipate the unpredictable and proactively plan for the unforeseen
  • How to align all stakeholders and improve end-to-end communication
  • How to manage risks in your ongoing trial using real-time IRT data and machine learning techniques
  • How to keep traceability on clinical assumptions and learn from past data for improved decision-making


Sébastien Coppe 
Head of Consulting Group,
Life Sciences



Amaury Jeandrain 
Head of Solutions Adoption,
Life Sciences



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