Application terms

In order to participate in the competition, candidates must have developed personally, a significant, original OR implementation with a measurable impact in the context of a thesis (PhD, Post-Doc or Master), or a research project carried out in a research center in Belgium or elsewhere and contributed it to the community under an Open-Source license.

This work can be made as an extension to an existing open-source OR project (like COIN-OR, or-tools, SCIP, Oscar, Choco, Gecode, drools-planner, …), but the candidate’s contribution should be clearly identified.

Your implementation must be new (started less than 4 years ago). The algorithms or ideas might not be new, but must represent the state of the art. The implementation should be related to Operations Research (OR) and have a measurable impact.

Check examples of implementations eligible.

The source code must be released under a well-known Open-Source license (GPL, MIT, LGPL, MIT, Apache2, BSD, EPL, …) and available on the web (e.g. BitBucket, GitHub, Google Code, SourceForge,…).


Competition Schedule & Evaluation Criteria

October 15, 2015 – Submission deadline

The candidates should provide a 5-page report to the Jury.

This report should contain:

  • Candidate name, email address, address, institution, very short biography
  • The project name, objective and description
  • The project website URL (if applicable)
  • The URL where the sources can be downloaded.

In case the project builds upon or uses existing open-source software, the contribution of the new implementation must be clearly stated (e.g. branch, pull requests, package…).

The Jury will estimate the quality of the project according to the following criteria:

  • OR relevance
  • Novelty of the approach
  • Performance
  • Impact
  • Potential user base
  • Extensibility
  • Quality of the code

Please send your report to [email protected]


December 15, 2015 – Winner designation

The decision of the Jury will be communicated in private to each participants.


February 2016 – Award ceremony

The winner will receive a prize money of 1000 € and a full registration to the ORBEL conference.

The prize will be awarded during the ORBEL conference where the winner will give a 25’ presentation on his project.

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