Be ahead of the game

Power your business with advanced analytics

Be ahead of the game

Power your business with advanced analytics

Cloud-based custom solutions
to design, plan and decide!

From strategy down to operations, N-SIDE supports your organization to leverage the value of your data and business knowledge into decision-making power. Using state-of-the-art optimization and advanced analytics technologies, our software solutions and consulting services solve the most complex industry challenges and turn them into opportunities.

— Improve your performance & competitiveness —


Maximize profits


Be agile


Manage risk

Improve processes

Improve processes


Use resources wisely


Facilitate collaboration




Clinical trial supply chain optimization and risk management


supply cost reduction

European day-ahead
electricity price optimization for


of European electricity consumption

Steel raw material and
production cost optimization

Million average annual savings (US $)

Energy flexibility optimization
for pulp & paper plant


electricity cost reduction

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N-SIDE optimizes the decisions of some of the largest companies around the world, across a vast range of industries.

In a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world, simulations and forecasting are creating a tactical clinical supply chain, ensuring that each patient gets their medication on time.


“We did already have some tools allowing us to calculate the raw material mix required. However, our tools only allowed us to optimize one department at a time. (…) We quickly realized that SCOOP was much more advanced because it was modeling as well thermodynamics, yields, product quality models, etc.”

ArcelorMittal Dunkirk

“N-SIDE developed very quickly a reliable and to the point model. This combination of a customized and modular approach is really great. It allows you to have in a very short time a simulation tool that fits perfectly your business needs and that allows you to support your strategic decisions. I want to highlight the speed of implementation and the quality of the consultancy job.”


“I value very much the current Euphemia team at N-SIDE: professional, precise, very responsive and working with a positive attitude. Please continue!”


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