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Clinical trial supply chain management & Energy Optimization

Energy & Life Sciences advanced analytics

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Supply chain optimization

Clinical trial optimization & supply chain management

With the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials you have the power to optimize your end-to-end clinical trial supply chain management – from clinical trial manufacturing to planning the clinical supplies for each trial to ensure your patients receive their medications on-time.

With our clinical trial software, standardize the process for forecasting, planning and scenario assessment and ease communication with diverse stakeholders.

Accurately model even your most complex constraints in your clinical trial protocol to proactively manage risk, optimize the use of your resources and have forecasts and planning you can trust.

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Energy grid & market optimization

The N-SIDE Energy Analytics solutions are built on a smart combination of 3 expertise’s: advanced analytics technologies, software development and business know-how. Our innovative software solutions will empower you to make proactive decision-making and integrating a largest part of RES in a cost-efficient and reliable way.

The use of machine learning and optimization techniques combined with a strong energy business expertise is a key driver to develop performant and transparent analytics solutions. The N-SIDE Energy Analytics solutions enable you to ensure competitive, efficient and sustainable energy grid and markets.

Reduce waste & optimize resource allocation with advanced analytics 

Our world is facing increasing challenges today: our needs are steadily growing, while our resources are becoming scarcer. Our society needs to deal with unprecedented changes that are urgently requiring better resource management.

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N-SIDE’s advanced analytics solutions address complicated industry challenges and help decrease waste and allocate resources wisely.

Through advanced decision-making tools that use the latest knowledge in machine learning, stochastic simulations and optimization algorithms, we aim to optimize decisions for better management and allocation of resources in specific aspects of the supply chain, including the risk assessment required in uncertain / dynamic environments.

Energy & Life Sciences analytics software

N-SIDE provides solutions to the sectors of energy management and pharmaceuticals. Although they are very different domains, both are facing similar challenges of unstable supply and demand while having an intrinsic social responsibility because of the scarcity or unpredictability of the given resources.

On the clinical trial supply chain level, we help our customers reduce their drug waste, while ensuring the best strategy to deliver medications on time, maintaining the lowest risks for patients and minimizing costs. In the energy domain, we support our clients to reach an efficient energy transition to ensure sustainable, reliable energy markets and grids.


Clinical trial supply cost reduction


Clinical trials optimized yearly



European Day-ahead optimization of European electricity consumption

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Cloud-based custom solutions to design, plan and decide.

Working with ERP & IRT / RTSM

From strategy down to operations, N-SIDE supports your organization to leverage the value of your data and business knowledge into decision-making power. Using state-of-the-art optimization and advanced analytics technologies, our software solutions and consulting services solve the most complex industry challenges and turn them into opportunities.

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Improve processes


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N-SIDE optimizes the decisions of some of the largest companies around the world, across a vast range of industries.

“In a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world, simulations and forecasting are creating a tactical clinical supply chain, ensuring that each patient gets their medication on time.”


“N-SIDE’s Suite provides a tremendous opportunity for AstraZeneca to collaborate across key areas of clinical development and deliver the best studies for our patients”


“N-SIDE supports our business with advanced analytics tools which allows us to realize the energy transition. Their experts provided the knowledge to transform our reserve dimensioning to the state-of-the-art, ready to deal with future renewable power systems.”


“N-SIDE is proving a key partner within the SmartNet project thanks to a thorough experience in the modelling of real time electricity markets. This is a critical topic in the project: the dimension of the mathematical model is significant. So, the performance of the simulation platform will also depend significantly on the numerical treatment of the equations. Also on that, I know that with N-SIDE we are in very good hands.”