N-SIDE reforestation efforts

In the framework of its recent CO2 neutral certification and commitment to the climate, N-SIDE supported the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium by planting no less than 2000 trees in Belgium in 2019.  

Protecting forests helps preventing climate change. However, climate change also has a significant impact on the future of our forests. In order to help them facing the increasing effects of climate change, maintaining their diversity and introducing more resilient tree species is crucial. 

Reforestation efforts help achieving such ambitious goals. In Belgium, they are supported by the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium (SRFB), a non-profit organization aiming to protect and promote the Belgian forests as well as promoting their sustainable management.

N-SIDE plays an active role in reforestation 

As an innovative technological company aiming at optimizing the use of resources, we understand the need and urgency to protect forests. “Forests are the lungs of our planet. Every initiative undertaken to preserve them is not only essential but also vital.” comments Jacques Parlongue, CEO.

In 2019, to support the Belgian forests and become an active player in reforestation efforts, N-SIDE sponsored the plantation of 2000 trees in the municipality of Comblain-Fairon (Liège, Belgium). A total of 5200 trees, among which Atlas cedars, Nordmann firs, Bornmuller’s firs, Laricio pines, Pubescent oaks, Turkey oaks and Sessile oaks, were planted on 2,4 ha of forests in this area.

The plantation supported by N-SIDE was part of the Arboretums project aiming to help forests facing the challenges of tomorrow by maintaining their diversity and introducing trees species that will help them to be more resilient facing climate change.

Last year’s droughts and heat waves severely affected the Belgian forests and provoked a health crisis due to the proliferation of bark beetles. Therefore, the 2020 objectives of the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium , through their “plant a tree” campaign, are:

  • The reforestation of the plots damaged by the climatic and biologic hazards
  • The creation of new forests
  • The plantation of new species and the use of new innovative techniques

Contributing to a more sustainable world

N-SIDE is proud to take action in the preservation of the Belgian forests and to stand as a company committed to reduce CO2 emissions. “It demonstrates our continuous engagement in initiatives to contribute for a more sustainable world as we do in the framework of our activities aiming to optimize resources for our clients” concludes Jacques Parlongue, CEO.

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