Commitment to the planet, one of our core values

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Pauline Martin

We feel accountable to each other, our clients and to a better world.

At N-SIDE, our vision is to build a healthy and sustainable world by optimizing decisions. Every day, our ultimate goal is to increase our impact on our customers. By leveraging advanced analytics and the most innovative techniques, we help companies across the world to optimize the use of their resources, solve their challenges to remain sustainable.

Impact, increase, or reduce?

Increase and reduce! While we are passionate about creating and bringing innovative solutions to maximize our impact at the customer level, we also believe in the role to play, as a committed company, to preserve our beautiful planet and offer a sustainable world to future generations.

Reducing our CO2 impact is therefore at the heart of our corporate initiatives and a daily objective. This has first driven us to adapt our mobility plan by offering a broader panel of hybrid and electric vehicles to our employees. We encourage them to go for sustainable mobility and are looking for reaching a 100% hybrid/ electrical fleet in 2025.

In addition to that, we commit ourselves to reforestation efforts and research to continuously reduce and compensate for our global carbon footprint.

During this year, we are actively contributing to 3 different initiatives :

  • The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium partnership: By recording their running, biking, walking, wellbeing, volunteering activities in the atlasGO app during the Winter Care Month, our employees were able to raise money to plant 300.000 trees in Burundi and help local communities restore their land and conserve water and soil. This was a good occasion to again increase the awareness about environmental protection among N-SIDERs. With the strong participation of our committed employees, we managed to reach our goal!
  • The Arboretums project coordinated by the Société Royale Forestière de Belgique. Climate change strongly affects the functioning of our forests. Assisted migration of tree species from the south of Europe and the Mediterranean basin is seen as a potential adaptation measure to face the climate change challenge and to make the forests more diverse and resilient. The Arboretums project is a research project exploring this option by trialling and assessing those “new” tree species in real conditions in order to identify those that will be able to cope with the climate of tomorrow.
  • The FOREST PROTECTION IN SIERRA DEL LACANDÓN GUATEMALA. In the frame of our CO2-neutral certification, we have chosen to support the protection of the forest in Guatemala. This project consists mainly of the prevention of environmental degradation to protect biodiversity, natural resources (water…), local communities, and coping with climate change.

Being committed to protecting our planet and to a better world is in N-SIDE’s DNA. It drives us to do #BetterBusiness. every single day and to help our customers to optimize the use of their resources while maximizing their impact and the value they bring to society.

In March, N-SIDE is joining a global community of almost 4,000 businesses to celebrate what it means to be a Certified B Corporation™ and share our story to becoming a Better Business.

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