N-SIDE awarded Trends Gazelles Ambassador 2022 of Walloon Brabant

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Justin Gellezak

For the very first time, Business and finance magazines Trends and Trends-Tendances voted N-SIDE as Trends Gazelles Ambassador 2022 in the large company category for the province of Walloon Brabant.

Highly praised in the business community, the Trends Gazelles Ambassador award recognizes the fast growth of small, medium and large companies in Belgium. The size of the categories is based on the companies' added value: small companies (less than EUR 1 million), medium-sized companies (EUR 1 to 5 million) and large companies (more than EUR 5 million). The selection methodology relies first on an assessment of the balance sheets for the five last years. The ranking is then established upon upon selected criteria: gross value added, staff and cash flow.

Since 2001, Trends and Trends-Tendances editorial staffs have been selecting 50 to 250 Trends Gazelles in each province of Belgium. These growing companies are not only a source of energy for the economy but also a real inspiration for entrepreneurs. The company with the highest ranking in the different categories is voted a Trends Gazelles Ambassador for one year.

N-SIDE, a fast-growing company

With an average growth rate of 30-40% over the last five years and the doubling of its workforce in 2 years with more than 200 employees of 30 different nationalities, N-SIDE demonstrates its tremendous growth.

The company is now at a turning point as it prepares to accelerate again. The goal is to make N-SIDE's solutions accessible to more companies and to increase the international sales force while promoting the brand more widely.

We are delighted to have been awarded Trends Gazelles Ambassador, demonstrating our significant growth for the past years. This achievement reinforces our ambition to strengthen our international expansion and further increase our impact".

Arnaud Merlet, CEO

Interview with Arnaud Merlet, CEO at N-SIDE

Following the award, discover the tremendous growth of N-SIDE through an interview of our CEO, Arnaud Merlet.

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