N-SIDE takes on a new challenge for the environment

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Doménica Torres

As a company striving to build a healthy and sustainable world by optimizing decisions, N-SIDE rallied its employees to take part in a collaborative challenge while having a positive impact on the environment.


A three-way collaboration

In order to support our corporate social responsibility while actively involving our employees, we recently launched the “N-SIDE Care Month”. During one month, employees were encouraged to take part in a broad range of activities while having a strong social and environmental impact.

Given the current pandemic, we partnered with atlasGO to make this initiative happen. Back in May 2020, N-SIDERs had the opportunity to try atlasGO for the first time. This app allows its users to run, bike and walk for a good cause, and for every step a user takes, donor corporations sponsor a charity. Therefore, by running, biking and walking, our employees were able to raise money for the charity project Carolina for Kibera. Following the impact and success of this initiative, N-SIDERs were very excited to start a new challenge. This time around, we chose to partner with the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium.

“Initiatives like the N-SIDE Care Month are important because they allow us to participate in something bigger. With this activity, we contributed in protecting our planet and helping others safely from our homes. Every N-SIDER was engaged and participated to help us reach the goal.”

Maëliss Bastogne, HR Coordinator at N-SIDE and organizer of the initiative.

The aim of the new challenge was to plant 300.000 trees in Burundi to help local communities restore their land and conserve water and soil, while raising awareness about environmental protection among our employees. On this occasion, the range of activities available in the atlasGO app was broader. The goal was to foster a higher participation rate among the employees. Thus, our employees recorded their activities ranging from wellbeing and physical activity, to offline, eco-friendly and even volunteering activities through the atlasGO app!

“We were pleased to partner once again with atlasGO to engage our employees around a good deed. They offered several projects to support, and the one for Jane Goodall Institute to plant 300k trees was totally aligned with the N-SIDE spirit.”, commented Thomas Peignois, one of the challenge’s initiators.

Thomas Peignois, Finance Business Partner at N-SIDE and organizer of the initiative.
Some of the activities N-SIDERs took part in!

Staying (safely) active

Some of our N-SIDERs went for runs, hikes, and other workouts, while some others opted for a different range of activities such as playing an instrument or having game night, either by themselves or with their families. All of these activities took place safely, in accordance with the measures taken by the authorities due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. In total, we were able to achieve our goal of planting 300k trees by accumulating 4868.49 Miles.

The N-SIDE Care Month is yet another way in which our employees have demonstrated their interest in initiatives which highlight some of our core values: collaboration, passion, fun and commitment. We are very proud of this achievement and of our N-SIDERs. We are looking forward to collaborating again with socially and environmentally conscious organizations such as atlasGO and the Jane Goodall Institute in the near future.