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Justin Gellezak

In recent years, N-SIDE has built a strong company culture. One of the key ingredients of our culture is based on values embodied by N-SIDErs on a daily basis. With more than 200 employees from 37 nationalities, diversity is one of the values we have always strived to place at centre stage and further develop as part of our employee identity and DNA. With this strong ambition in mind, N-SIDE has largely invested throughout the years in ensuring diversity and inclusion would constantly grow and be embedded at all levels of the organization.

Lately, society has gained a greater appreciation for diversity and a stronger commitment to inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is nowadays considered as a must for organizations’ business strategy. A recent report from the International Labour Organization discloses that “high levels of both diversity and inclusion within enterprises are associated with increased innovation, productivity and performance, talent recruitment and retention, and workforce wellbeing. Being able to measure inclusion is therefore key in helping enterprises identify the actions they can take to further improve and reap the benefits of D&I”. At N-SIDE, we strongly agree with this statement.

Diversity at N-SIDE: a core value embodied, measured and reported

As a fast-growing company with an international scope and a strong commitment to its values, we acknowledge that D&I fosters creative people and mindsets to come together, innovate and achieve ambitious goals. The true importance of diversity as a core value within our organization stems from N-SIDE’s vision to Build a healthy and sustainable world by optimizing decisions. “We firmly believe that the development of a healthy and sustainable world is closely linked to a peaceful and prosperous society, which in return, depends on diversity and inclusion” discloses Maud Larochette, CFO and CHRO at N-SIDE. 

In order to assess the status and impact of its current D&I efforts, N-SIDE has adopted a data-driven approach to measure, report and recognize the achievements made thus far. As transparency is also part of our values, we are proud to share our very first D&I report. This report serves as a remarkable testimony to the highest standards achieved until now and paves the way for the ambitious and innovative D&I program we aim to take.

Cover page of the N-SIDE Diversity and Inclusion Report FY22

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Major findings in respect of diversity and inclusion

Our People & Business Organization team members conducted a thorough research to identify specific and measurable facts related to diversity and inclusion at N-SIDE. The goal was to demonstrate our tangible commitment to D&I through precise data and examples. “We felt it was important to be able to concretely determine where we stand today, but also assess the different diversity factors within our organisation” explains Maud Larochette. The report notably discloses the achievements made so far by the company to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace for the benefit of all N-SIDErs.

Among the outcomes from the research, we can highlight that:

  • ⅓ of N-SIDE’s workforce is international, coming from more than 30 different countries

  • 71% of our applicants come from Europe

  • 35% of leadership roles are occupied by women

  • For most job levels, the wage gap between men and women is below 1%

  • The average score of internal satisfaction towards diversity & inclusion at N-SIDE is 88%

At N-SIDE, we recognize that nothing can be taken for granted. Based on the feedback of our employees, N-SIDE seeks to identify and implement improvements related to diversity and inclusion. "We can always do better and it’s through structured progress that we will be able to raise the bar higher" emphasizes Maud Larochette. This approach demonstrates that N-SIDE cares about the interests of its employees and is sensitive to improving their work experience.

During the past fiscal year (October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022), N-SIDE hired more than 80 employees to support its ambitious growth plans for both Life Sciences and Energy business lines. As a scale-up seeking to further expand its footprint on international markets, this report is also a way to highlight to its ever-growing international employee base that the company welcomes diversity as a key value. N-SIDE strives to consider each individual whose skills are likely to match each open position. All candidates are treated equally without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, disability, gender identity, marital or family status, veteran status or any other legally protected basis, in accordance with applicable law. N-SIDE does not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any of these characteristics.

Diversity and inclusion as a changing force

As disclosed previously, this D&I report is a stepping stone to a more ambitious project. Measuring where N-SIDE stands on specific, fundamental metrics is a starting point to pave the way for an innovative and solid D&I program within the organization. This project is built with the intention of becoming not only part of the company culture, but mainly having an impact that measures beyond the perimeter of our organisation and employee base. “We strive to commit to a changing force that will ensure all employees can bring their true, authentic selves to work - where authenticity will be a reality allowing all employees to daily express the multitude of their original and beautiful personality without the need of this expression requiring protection or being part of specific identifications. What we aim for is creating a culture where D&I - or 'Bring Your True Self To Work!' is automatically and naturally part of who we are on a daily basis” details Maud Larochette.

N-SIDE acknowledges that change requires time and effort. “We hope our N-SIDErs will appreciate the great journey done so far and will continue to be inspired by our intent to increasingly support D&I through our internal initiatives. We are also confident that this report will also be a valuable source of information for any individual seeking to join N-SIDE or partner with us in any way, as it will enable a potential candidate or stakeholder to fully grasp the diverse, inclusive and committed environment we foster at N-SIDE” concludes Maud Larochette.

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