What makes N-SIDE ethical in terms of governance ?

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Pauline Martin

In line with its mission – build a healthy and sustainable world by optimizing decisions, N-SIDE further increases its impact by continuously growing. This growth happens in a transparent, collaborative and committed environment driven by an ethical governance.

In order to better understand the notion of ethical governance at N-SIDE, our two colleagues Fiorenza Provenzano, Paralegal & Project Coordinator, and Maud Larochette, People & Business Organization Director – CFO, enlightened us on the subject during a short interview.

Maud Larochette - P&BO director - CFO

Ethical governance: what does it mean?

Fiorenza: First of all, let me define “governance”: it is the way to administer a company, from how it is constructed (board, articles of association. etc.) to how it is driven. It includes the making of decisions, the reasons behind them, and the definition of the company’s plans and objectives. Let’s say that governance in this context is “how you drive the company”.

In the frame of BCORP, N-SIDE has been recognized as a company with an ethical governance. This means a company that ensures an ethical management with respect to diversity, workers, environment and community.

Maud: Ethical governance means prioritizing sustainable growth built on a long-term investment vision, instead of on a short-term investment management policy. It is also defined by the different best practices put in place to avoid conflicts of interest.

N-SIDE’s ethical governance: Transparency, commitment and collaboration

Maud: Transparency, collaboration and commitment are 3 core values that drive us to work every day for maintaining an ethical governance.

  • Let’s start with Transparency. For more than 4 years now, N-SIDE has chosen to guarantee financial transparency. In order to do so, the company wished to be audited by a specialized external company. Each year, the report is published on the NBB website, and it is therefore accessible to all. This is an important step, because this was not at that time, and given the size of the company, a mandatory practice. It is a real testimony of our willingness to maintain transparency in the financial management of the company.
  • Collaboration: N-SIDE is growing through a collaborative and inclusive approach, which brings forward transparency and diversity. Indeed, today almost 20% of our employees are part of the employee shareholders program, and the nationalities of our employees now overcomes our market countries exposure (from having only a Belgian team 5 years ago to now having more than 25 nationalities).
  • In the frame of Commitment, we can list 2 important initiatives. Of course, first, the commitment to our planet by setting our objective to reduce our CO2 impact. This objective is measured, tracked on yearly basis and is a shared responsibility. Our efforts have been recognized by CO2logic, with a CO2 neutral certification (2020). Secondly, we commit ourselves to ensure ethical practices/usages among our suppliers and employees. Our suppliers are selected through a transparent and robust process, and have to approve and respect our supplier code of conduct. Our employees have their own code of conduct regrouping different topics such as Diversity and Equal Opportunities, Compliance with the Laws, Conflicts of interest, Financial Integrity, Confidentiality, Privacy protection, Intellectual property, Respect for the EnvironmentThose highlighted initiatives definitely contribute to an ethical governance of N-SIDE.

BCorp: Community, environment, workers, customers, governance, …

In March, N-SIDE joined a global community of almost 4,000 businesses that celebrate what it means to be a Certified B Corporation™ and that share our path towards becoming a #BetterBusiness.

Being a Certified B Corporation™ means so much more than having a badge of honor. It means we belong to a global community of like-minded businesses. More than anything, it shows our continuous commitment to do better business by ensuring ethical governance, and commitment to the community, to the environment, and to our customers and N-SIDERs.

As innovators we want to lead the way, and we are proud of being the first B-Corp organization in our region.