One of the today’s challenges is the coordination of DSOs and TSOs in the provision of grid services. The efficiency and the reliability of the electricity network depend on an efficient collaboration between the market participants. In this context, CoordiNet, a new H2020 funded project, has been launched to develop large-scale demonstrations of innovative network services for TSO-DSO through demand response, storage and small-scale distributed generation.

The main objectives of the CoordiNet project are:

  • Demonstrating the activation and provision of services through a TSO-DSO coordination
  • Defining and testing standard products that provide services to the network operators
  • Developing a TSO-DSO-consumer collaboration platform in demonstration areas to pave the way for the interoperable development of a pan-European market.

N-SIDE will contribute in the market design and algorithms, involving a local market component, and will participate in the Spanish demo with ENDESA (Enel group), a major Spanish DSO.

Gathering 23 companies and institutions, this 3.5 years-long project will be built on previous European funded projects, including SmartNet project, where N-SIDE has developed the market clearing algorithms for the different TSO-DSO coordination schemes to procure ancillary services.


CoordiNet H2020 European Project team

Kick-off meeting of CoordiNet on the 25th of January 2019 in Madrid

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