As a partner of the European SmartNet project, N-SIDE contributes to develop optimal market structures and optimal interactions between DSO’s / TSO’s in order to leverage flexibilities from distributed energy resources (DER) for ancillary services.

Guillaume Leclercq, N-SIDE consultant, is proud to announce the freshly released Deliverable D1.2 of SmartNet Project.

In this deliverable, N-SIDE has focused on characterising the flexibility from distributed energy resources (DER, i.e. generators, storage, loads) and how they can provide ancillary services to the TSO and DSO. In particular, generic mathematical models of DER physical behaviour and constraints were developed and the cost to provide such flexibility services was defined and quantified. In addition, DER technical capabilities to provide different ancillary services (AS) were assessed and the maximum potential of DER to provide AS in 2030 was quantified for three countries (Denmark, Italy and Spain).

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