With the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials you have the power in your hands to optimize and manage the risk for your end-to-end clinical trial supply chain – from drug substance manufacturing through to delivery of medicine at site for patients. 

Accurately, intuitively model even your most complex constraints in your clinical trial supply chain to optimize the use of your resources and have forecasts and planning you can trust. 

Future-proof your clinical supply chain design & planning

with end-to-end risk-based optimization

Discover the N-SIDE Suite applications

With dedicated, integrated apps for clinical trial production planning, supply planning and dashboards,
the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials delivers the big picture while also drilling down to all of the details.

N-SIDE production APP

Optimize your strategic decisions to achieve the most efficient risk-free end-to-end production planning for each compound.

N-SIDE supply APP

Optimize your strategic IP forecasting, futureproof your design & planning, efficiently manage your risk.

N-SIDE dashboard APP

Visualize and intuitively interact with your clinical data for efficient study monitoring & reporting.

Be ahead
of the game

Access best in class machine learning, optimization algorithm & stochastic simulations to efficiently future-proof your design and planning.  The N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials keeps you ahead of the game. 

Discover Our applications’ features

Ease collaboration with data-driven insights

  • Aggregate data across applications, across projects and transform your data into actionable insights. 
  • Ensure stakeholders have access to the information they need with tailored roles & responsibilities.
  • Standardize the approach for forecasting, planning and assessing scenarios.

Unleash the power of your data with business intelligence 

  • Visualize and interact with clinical trial data across your portfolio at the level you need.
  • Keep a high-level view at portfolio, compound level or drill down to trial level results.
  • Monitor with real-time dashboards to quickly identify where attention is needed.

Optimize your clinical supply chain decisions 

  • Efficiently test what-if scenarios to plan for what could happen and inform decision making.
  • Easily update demand planning and supply strategies with your current trial data.
  • Keep traceability on your decisions throughout the lifecycle of your projects and plan for the future.

Let us show you how to future-proof your design & planning!

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