Getting clinical supply a seat at the table

Uncovering strategies to increase the collaboration between clinical supply teams and clinical operations Involving clinical trial supply managers earlier in the process of trial design can be highly beneficial, ensuring that potential supply issues are considered during strategic decisions. With the correct clinical supply optimization solution, clinical supply managers can be empowered with fact-based information […]

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Local Energy Market project in Cornwall won two awards !

  Two prestigious awards recently granted to Cornwall Local Energy Market (LEM) project: Smart Energy System Award (part of the British Renewable Energy Awards): This award is granted by the Renewable Energy Association (REA), representing renewable energy producers and promoting the use of all forms of renewable energy in the UK across power, heat, transport […]

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N-SIDE llc is extending its offices! Meet our growing team!

N-SIDE llc is growing! Thanks to our booming business with our Life Sciences customers in the USA, N-SIDE is pleased to announce the extension of its office space in New Jersey.  N-SIDE llc address remains unchanged. N-SIDE LLC 330 Changebridge Rd #101 Pine Brook, NJ 07058   Meet our US team members: From left to […]

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