N-SIDE is proud to announce the official release of CT-FAST 5.3. solution for clinical trial supplies forecasting, simulations and optimization.   

CT-FAST has been through a fundamental rewriting of the core algorithm to improve even more performance and accuracy of recommendations.

All simulations in CT-FAST are now based on a brand new Discrete-Event Simulation engine and the seamless parallelization of the algorithm, which allows to run more simulations within the same time frame.This further improves the accuracy of the risk assessment of the optimized supply strategy that allows you to save millions, safely.

CT-FAST 5.3. now provides risk-based optimization of the depot resupplies – on top of the existing risk-based optimization of the site resupplies!

This revolutionize the way depots are managed in clinical trials and ensure a safer drug access for patients – most of the risk for patients not to receive their treatment is coming from an empty regional depot. Being able to better manage those depot resupplies is therefore key for patients!

This new mathematical engine allows CT-FAST to accurately assess the supply coverage period for each given depot, depending on the demand uncertainty and therefore to optimize the depot resupply frequency, which was often decided arbitrary in the past.

On top of this improved risk-management, some benchmarking done on several studies has shown it decreases the study overage by an additional 5% (on a standard trial with a few regional depots).

On the screen, you can see on the top the quantities to send in the next months for the different batch numbers.  On the bottom left, the graphs shows the number of kits sent to the depots per months with in red the quantities to aggregate for a short term shipment and in blue the quantities subject to reevaluation for the next depot shipment.  The worldmap gives you an overview of site shipments volume per country. 

Want to know more about depot resupply management optimization and CT-FAST 5.3? 

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