N-SIDE is pleased to announce the launch of CT-PRO, a new solution providing risk-based optimization for drug substance (i.e. API) and drug product production forecast and planning.

CT-PRO is a cutting-edge tool based on optimization algorithms that aims to manage the forecast at the drug substance and drug product level, pooling the need of multiple clinical trials and taking into account non-clinical demands as well (e.g. stability analysis, commercial launch, etc.).  CT-PRO addresses both risk management and cost minimization of drug substance/drug product

CT-PRO will highly interact with CT-FAST, N-SIDE market-leading solution for clinical trial demand forecasting and supply strategy optimization. The statistical richness of the study-demand-uncertainty characterization will be leveraged in CT-PRO to come up with a production plan for drug substance and drug product which minimizes the production cost for a target probability level of shortage. Like in CT-FAST, a cost vs. risk curve will help production planner finding the best trade-off between production cost and service level. This will help the production planner to take optimal decisions in the upstream part of the supply chain accordingly to the downstream (clinical and non clinical) demands and therefore to ensure an end-to-end risk based optimization of the supply chain.


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