The N-SIDE Energy team will be pleased to meet you at E-world, in Essen, on the 5-7 February 2019. During those 3 days, N-SIDE will welcome you on its booth in Hall 2 (n°2.232). Check the floor plan.

On February 7, Thomas Gueuning, Energy consultant, will give a detailed presentation with Elia about the dynamic dimensioning of balancing reserves. They will explain how exploiting machine learning techniques increases the reliability of the balancing mechanism while reducing the cost of procurement.


As a key partner on the path of advanced analytics, N-SIDE is developing and offering innovative software solutions and services to Utilities, TSO, DSO and industrial sites. Based on cutting-edge technologies as machine learning, deep learning, optimization & artificial intelligence, N-SIDE solutions solve the most complex industry challenges and turn them into opportunities.

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