N-SIDE, as gold sponsor of Grid Analytics Europe 2018, will give a talk with Elia about the usage of Machine Learning for a dynamic sizing of balancing reserves! 


N-SIDE will attend the three-days conference Grid Analytics Europe 2018 taking place in London from September 25th till September 27th.

Meet Sophie Marquet, Head of Grid&Market group, and Guillaume Leclercq, Senior Consultant, on the N-SIDE booth and learn how machine learning and advanced analytics techniques are a key enabler to power the utilities.

Don’t miss N-SIDE and Elia presentation on Day 2 about Dynamic Sizing of Balancing Reserves ! 

On Wednesday 26, Guillaume will share the floor with José Gonzalez Pastor, Economic and Adequacy Analyst at EliaThey will give a detailed presentation about how exploiting machine learning techniques increases the reliability of the balancing mechanism while reducing the cost of procurement

Check the full agenda of those three days and join us at Grid Analytics Europe 2018.


Read more about Dynamic Sizing of Balancing Reserves






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