Belgium Made Different Industry 4.0.Olivier Devolder, Head of Energy & Industry Group at N-SIDE, recently gave the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency an interview for the last edition of their sectorial brochure “Belgium Made Different – Industry 4.0.”.

The publication features Belgium as a forerunner in the development of an innovative and performing industry and showcases N-SIDE as well as 14 other Belgian companies offering innovative solutions to the industry sector.

In his interview, Olivier Devolder explains how N-SIDE solutions based on advanced analytics can facilitate complex business decision-making processes.


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Olivier DevolderIn addition to its thriving activities in the pharmaceutical industry, N-SIDE is an active player in the energy and heavy industry sectors.

N-SIDE presents a strong expertise on the design, modeling and optimization of electricity markets in particular with the development of Euphemia, the flagship algorithm of the European day-ahead market.

“Our algorithm collects data on energy sales and purchase propositions and the limitations of the electric network and it then uses them to match up supply and demand across Europe and determines electricity prices on an hourly basis” explained Olivier.

By combining expertise on electricity markets and on industrial processes, N-SIDE has also developed a strong activity on demand response topics by helping large industrial sites to leverage their energy flexibility in an optimal way and get real savings on different electricity markets.

N-SIDE provides modular and customizable solutions that give clients the opportunity to combine smart production planning, with the ENERTOP platform, and price prediction models, with N-SIDE Electricity Price Forecasts.


Based on cutting-edge technologies as machine learning, optimization & artificial intelligence, N-SIDE solutions solve the most complex industry challenges and turn them into opportunities.

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