Following the success of the first event, the second installment of the Data Science Louvain-la-Neuve Meetup will take place on June 6. The first topic will focus on a new technology : the Generative-Adversarial Network Approach.

David Boyker, Data science & AI Analyst, at N-SIDE will attend the Meetup and is already sharing with us some details about this new technology.


Generative Adversarial Network (or GAN, for short) is a new class of Artificial Intelligence techniques composed of two Artificial Neural Networks competing against each other. The first Network creates realistic fake data in order to fool the second one, which evaluates them for authenticity. In this setup, the two algorithms are able to produce true-to-life synthetic objects: images, sounds, texts, or virtually anything.

By being in a competitive situation, the two Machine Learning algorithms challenge themselves and are pushed to learn better and faster. Only at the dawn of its development, this new technology has the potential for outstanding future applications, notably in Data Augmentation and Creative Machine Learning!



Join our Data Science experts, David and Maxime, at the second Data Science Meetup in Louvain-la-Neuve on June 6.



The Agenda: 

19h15 – “A Generative-Adversarial Network Approach for the Simulation of events in High Energy Physics, ” by Michelle Faucci Giannelli (Edinburgh U., ATLAS collaboration).
20h15 – “A brief introduction to automatic Earth monitoring, ” by Guerman Poler (Aerospacelab).

The organizers : N-SIDE, B12 Consulting, GSK, DNAlytics, UCLouvain


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