Powerdale and N-SIDE are pleased to announce their strategic partnership.

This newly established partnership combines Powerdale know-how, products and installed base in energy management and electrical mobility with N-SIDE expertise in electricity markets and energy flexibility optimization.

The aim of this collaboration is to propose integrated optimization solutionscovering the best of hardware and software technologies from both companies.

We are delighted to start this partnership with Powerdale. Together, we will provide our customers with the best in class solutions in energy management and electric mobility.” Jacques Parlongue, N-SIDE CEO.

N-SIDE and Powerdale have an extensive experience in providing innovative solutions for B2B energy management. Our respective energy platforms are generating high value for many industrial companies on a daily basis. Combining these solutions and leveraging the strong synergies between them allow us to offer additional innovative services with strong added value to our customers.

“We collaborate with value adding partners enabling us to offer a combined value proposition to business customers. The partnership with N-SIDE is taking place at the core level: adding new functionalities to our respective products.” Olivier Piraux, Powerdale CEO. 

In particular, N-SIDE and Powerdale collaboration starts with two new solutions:

  1. Holistic Energy Flexibility Optimization Platform for Industrial Sites
  2. Electrical Vehicle Load Management Optimization Solution integrating local solar production with charging.


Powerdale isa Belgian based company developing modular hardware and software solutions for electro mobility and energy management.

Over the years, Powerdale has developed an AC charging market offering called Nexxtender and software platforms to support the processes in e-mobility.

Contact Powerdale for more information: mail [email protected] phone: +32 473 88 48 96

Visit us at powerdale.info and partner.nexxtender.com



N-SIDE is a Belgian management consulting company, which designs innovative integrated optimization solutions to facilitate complex business decision-making processes.

N-SIDE’s combined expertise in consulting services and advanced analytics provide tailored solutions for the energy sector. Utilizing a modular approach of combining various energy system models (storage, CHP, flexible process, etc.) and energy market models with an optimal combination of optimization algorithms, N-SIDE is providing customized solutions for energy flexibility, micro grid, electrical mobility and much more.

From being the developer of pan European electricity market coupling algorithm EUPHEMIA and key provider of process optimization solutions, N-SIDE is the trusted partner for leading industrial companies.

Contact N-SIDE for more information: mail [email protected] phone: +32 476 42 27 15

Visit us at n-side.com

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