Learn more about the real time market architecture issues and read the SmartNet presentation of Guillaume Leclercq.

Back from the SmartNet Public workshop organised on June 20, Guillaume Leclercq, Project Manager of the H2020 SmartNet project at N-SIDE, is sharing with us the slides of his presentation about “real time market architecture issues”  and his main conclusions. In the framework of an activation market of flexibility services (balancing, congestion management)  for both […]

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New project of Local Energy Market in the UK, N-SIDE is one of the partners with Centrica !

N-SIDE is proud to partner with Centrica (one of the main energy suppliers for UK, Ireland and North America) for the development of a Local Energy Market (LEM) in Cornwall.   The structural shift of the energy landscape from a centralized market to a decentralized structure creates new challenges for network management at distribution level. This project […]

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