N-SIDE certified ISO 27001 for information security management

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Justin Gellezak

N-SIDE announces a significant milestone in safeguarding crucial information assets, primarily focusing on the security of customer data. The company achieved the ISO 27001 certification process and is now able to demonstrate a robust and effective information security management system within its organization. 

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard stipulating specific requirements for the establishment, maintenance, and continuous improvement of an organization’s information security management system (ISMS). This comprehensive framework encompasses not only policies and procedures but also emphasizes their practical implementation and adherence to industry best practices. It ensures the effective identification and control of risks related to information security that may arise at any time.

A security asset for our customers

In an era where data breaches and cyber-attacks are, unfortunately, increasing, companies need to set high-security standards when it comes to processing data from various stakeholders, especially from their customers. As a software and service provider active in the life sciences and energy industries, N-SIDE stores and processes a large amount of customer data. The purpose is to enable our products and services to function effectively, provide a better user experience, and make informed business decisions for the benefit of our customers. 

The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates N-SIDE’s commitment and capabilities in maintaining high standards of efficiency and security when processing customers’ data in our software solutions and professional services. This certification is an addition to yearly security audits and penetration tests done by an independent third party, confirming and reinforcing the effectiveness of a series of robust mechanisms put in place to guard against any threat. 

The journey for continuous improvement

While in the certification process, N-SIDE could rely on already existing good frameworks and practices concerning information security management.

"At the start of the process, we noticed that we were already not that far from the ISO 27001 requirements. We had to perform remediation mainly on documentation, updates, and corrections of established policies or tool accesses. It demonstrated that we already had the right foundations but needed to improve them"

Olivier Champroux, Chief Information Officer and Chief Quality Officer at N-SIDE

To achieve this certification and support the team in the audit, N-SIDE partnered with KPMG. “While our partner helped us to overcome some challenges, our journey toward the certification was significantly backed up not only by our top management but also by the whole staff. At N-SIDE, we count on relentless internal awareness of security and we strongly believe it is a matter for everyone. It also serves as an ongoing commitment to maintaining a security-focused culture within the company” adds Aurélien Crucifix, Principal engineer from the QORE department (Quality for Operations, Reliability, & Engineering) at N-SIDE.

Continuous employees’ involvement at all levels toward security is therefore essential to support this new certification granted by Bureau Veritas and scheduled for renewal every three years. “This certification also gives us the confidence in scaling our activities and conquering new markets knowing that we now rely on an effective information security management framework as N-SIDE grows” concludes Olivier Champroux. 

This new certification is in addition to those acquired by N-SIDE in recent months and years. These include ISO 14001 in environmental management, B Corporation, and Best Managed Company 2022 & 2023 by Deloitte Belgium. They illustrate N-SIDE's determination to position itself as a responsible and trustworthy company toward all its stakeholders.

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