N-SIDE is proud to be certified CO2 neutral organizationN-SIDE is proud to be certified CO2 neutralThe CO2 neutral label demonstrates a real and measurable commitment to the climate.  It enables us to have confidence in our efforts to manage and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable development is a major challenge and we believe at N-SIDE that we all have a role to play in order to preserve our beautiful planet and offer a sustainable world to future generations.

Every day, we help companies across the world to optimize the use of their resources.  So it is of great importance to us to take responsibility to reduce our CO2 emissions and raise employee awareness of our ecological footprint. N-SIDE receives his CO Neutral certification from CO2 logic representatives

N-SIDE decided to work together with C02Logic in order to get advice on how to reduce and compensate for our global carbon footprint.  Our efforts have allowed us to be granted with the CO2 Neutral Label, certified by an independent third party, Vinçotte. 

Mathieu Cribellier – Project Director CO2 Logic, Jacques Parlongue – CEO N-SIDE, Antoine Geerinckx – CEO de CO2Logic et Thomas Peignois – Business Controller N-SIDE.


Concretely, N-SIDE has followed 2 steps to obtain the CO2 Neutral label:

1. Calculate & reduce our global carbon footprint

So far, N-SIDE’s green initiatives to reduce our global carbon footprint include :

  • Teleworking aiming to reduce emissions related to commuting
  • Videoconferencing facilities as an alternative to long-distance travelling
  • Ceramic coffee cups & glasses to avoid the use of plastic consumables
  • Spring clean-up in our neighbourhood
  • Responsible suppliers
  • Ecological office supplies

But we are committed to go further by taking actions year after year such as:


2. Offset our greenhouse gas emissions by supporting a climate project

N-SIDE supports climate project in Eritra Boreholes to provide safe water and fight deforestationTo offset our greenhouse gas emissions, N-SIDE employees have chosen to support a project that provides safe water & prevents deforestation in Eritrea, Africa

The project supports the provision of safe water using borehole technology to hundreds of households within the Zoba Maekel District.  By providing safe water, the project will ensure that households consume less firewood during the process of water purification and as a result, there will be a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion process. 
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